About NorthCraft Services

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About NorthCraft Services

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Hiring a professional company to install your epoxy floor is an excellent decision. A high qulaity epoxy is is installed using industrial grade materials and products. We paint floors in garages, basements, office spaces, industrial areas, lobbies, locker rooms, storage and utility rooms. All of these areas can benefit from having your floor painting. Epoxy floors are extremely popular for garages and other residential areas. Dont just hire any contractor. Select the best in the industry for epoxy floor painting and garage floor coatings. Garage flooring and concrete epoxy floors are becoming so popular it is hard to not see epoxy somewhere throughout your day.

Deck Staining

If you leave your deck to sit out in the elements it will weather and decay. The sun and weather really takes a beating on the deck or fence. A well designed maintenance plan can make this process less painful and keep your deck or fence looking brand new for years to come. Our deck staining reviews show our customer loyalty and our amount of repeat happy customers. Both deck staining and fence staining can transform your backyard into something new and let you enjoy your outdoor space. So remember to not let your deck fall apart in the bad weather by keeping the deck clean and keeping stain on the deck is the key to great results.

Painting Services

We offer many painting services to clients. We not only offer deck staining, fence staining, epoxy floor coating, and garage floor painting. NorthCraft offers many painting services both residential, commercial, and industrial applications. From ceilings, piping, walls, equipment, saftey zones, flooring, and much much more. See some reviews of painting services that we recently completed. Clients are happy and we are proud of that.